Nehemiah House

Definition of Nehemiah House

A Christian transitional housing program, which provides long-term residential housing in a structured environment. Clients are recovering adult male alcoholics and drug addicts who need an extended and supportive living environment in order to prepare for re-entry into society. Residents are provided shelter and are expected to: do assigned housework, attend outpatient counseling, Christian and/or secular AA/NA meetings, obtain outside work, attend Bible study, attend church, contribute to their treatment, save money, meet their financial obligations and assume a responsible role in society.

Nehemiah House Vision Statement

We envision a faith-based, transitional, residential housing program that will facilitate a process of progressive re-entry back into the community for the recovering addict and/or alcoholic. We envision a structured, supportive, addictive-free environment that builds confident assurance of transformation through successful addressing of spiritual, emotional, physical and vocational needs of each resident.

Nehemiah House Mission Statement

To provide an innovative long-term transitional living facility for adult males who are recovering from alcohol and drug addiction, and who are at high risk of relapse without provisions of supportive services. To provide supportive services in a semi-protected, home-like environment to assist with the gradual re-entry to society.

Contact Info:

416 Canal Street Easton, PA 18042
Contact: Min. Andrea Henderson
Phone: (610) 253-6083